HA on Synology 718+ in VM

Hey there :slight_smile:

I am running a Synology DS718+ with 16GB RAM.
I am using it for general NAS things + Docker (Adguard, Unbound, Heimdall, Vaultwarden, acme.ch and watchtower). Also i am using Plex (with HardwareAcceleration), Synology Photos, FileStation and some BackupJobs.

Now im thinking of running HA in a VM. But i am concerned that my Diskstation will be slow and a pain to use. I want all my Dockers, Plex ect to run as fast as they do. Plus HA should be fast an reliable. And since the VM takes 2 cores for it self i dont know if this is the right way to go.

Does anyone use a VM on a similar DiskStation? Any experiences? I thought i could avoid buying another device.

PS: sorry for my english. Iยดm from germany :))

Anyone any infos? :smiley:

Hi, I run HA in Synology VMM on a DS918+ with 8GB of memory and it runs fine, I also have a few Docker containers.

Running VMM does take more resources that a Docker install but I much prefer the advantages of running HA supervised.

Iโ€™m have not checked how the DS718+ compares to the DS918+ processor wise but with 16GB of memory you should probably be OK.

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I run it on a DS220+ with several AddOns

Got a similar setup with Docker containers and the same Synology packages as you + Surveillance Station and no performance issues.

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The 918+ and 718+ have the same CPU. So i guess i should be fine if its running fine on yours.
Do you run any other applications as well?

Also i learned that VMM does not take the 2 cores just for its own. It stil shares it with the rest of the system. I thougt that DSM would only have 2 cores available after giving 2 cores 2 VMM. But thats not the case unless you tell it to do so. Otherwise it will be shared.

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

I have an 916+ with 8 GB. Runs absolutly fine.

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Hi Kevin, yes I do run other Apps including: Docker (4 containers); Photo Station; Hyperbackup; Active Backup for Business; Synology Drive Sync; Media Server; Notestation. CPU loading is typically below 10%.

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