HA on Synology VM poor performance

I have good and fast ha with supervisor installed on virtualbox in Windows 10. I decided to move ha from vbox to Synology VM. My RS1221RP+ resources get bored.
I set 2 vm:

  1. new vm and restore backup “snapshot” from vbox
  2. export vbox vm to ova and import to synology

Both synology vm are slow as hell, I set 4 cores, 4MB RAM.
Restoring took 6 hours, every restart 1 hour or more.

I found something like this, but I am not sure how to install on hassos

Install QEMU Guest Agent on Linux

Select the virtual machine and click Connect.
Enter sudo -i for administrator’s permissions.
Install QEMU guest agent with either of the commands:
    For Ubuntu operating system

    apt-get install qemu-guest-agent

    For RedHat/CentOS/Fedora operating systems

    yum install qemu-guest-agent

it all depends on your machine. if it feels slow to you, well I guess thats how it is for your system, VMs is not really resource efficient, there’s always this overhead that comes when virtualizing. This is why I stopped using VMs for my install so I either do container install or baremetal install. no VMs, because its resource inefficient and power inefficient.

You don’t say which model Synology NAS you have. Synology makes such a range. Some are very low powered and don’t have much RAM, and others are quite a lot more powerful.

Sure he did: rs1221rp+…
It seems like pretty new model, so performence should be pretty good. I have ds920+ and HA runs quite ok, my restart takes a minute or two (but i have quite a lot on my HA…) i also have 4 cores and 4G of RAM assigned. But, my model has 2x400GB of SSD cache installed. Do you have that installed on yours? I guess that helps a lot, because in that case all is done pretty much in SSD with “lightening speed” and classic HDD is only for storage then.

Did you install HA according to official instructions? Definitely “something sucks” here…:sob:

32GB of RAM and 26TB HDD ironwoolf model in raid 5. CPU never show more than 30% usually 2-3%.

Ok, that’s cool then. But, what i wonder is does your model has an option to add one or two SSD drives as “cache”? DS920+ has slots on the bottom of case for them - see HERE - , so i have 2x400GB SSD as cache. Using SSD’s an drastically improve speed. Synology then uses SSD for intensive operations (instead of slow hard drives).

A quick look into your model’s data shows that it supposely supports cache, but maybe these two must be then installed in classic front HDD slots and defined in softwafe to be used as cache. Of course, if you don’t have all slots full already…

Not exactly relevant setup I have, but some learnings that might help; I use RS2418+ with 2 storage pools. One is 2 x WD Red SSD in RAID 1 and second is 10 x WD Reds HDDs in SHR2. I use this NAS as iSCSI datastore to my ESXi server on whoch I run HASSIO as VM. I made some experiments with recorder (Maria DB running on NAS) being placed on SSD or HDD volumes - tried to evaluate performance on HDD to save on SSD wear from frequent writes to DB. I gave up after 2 days. Performance wise running DB on HDD was ~10 times slower. Showing history graph for 24h instead of 3 secs took 20. For one month of history it is ~40 secs vs ~8 minutes. To be clear, at that time I do not see excessive network traffic between ESXi host and NAS, so this should not be the bottleneck. The difference is in IOPS that SSD can handle vs HDD, not in througput. So if possible I’d go for either adding new SSD volume and moving HASSIO to this one, or adding SSD cache, even through SATA SSD (I believe RS1221+ does not have NVMe slots, it is only possible via add-on PCIe card).

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I will check ssd and let you know.

You were absolutely right! When I set new volume with ssd drive HA vm is fast now! Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m using Haos on VM on a Synology DS220+ (with 10GB ram and 2 raid HDD). About 1 year ago i migrated whole backup from a Rasp. 3b+ (running since about 3 years) to the nas instance. It was very fast initially fore some months. Machine reboot took less than 2 minutes. Since some months i noticed that the system is very slow at machine reboot, it take 1 hour or more. I can’t explain what is changed in this months to make system so slow at reboot, i didn’t make great changes on my ha configuration.


A little late in replying but I hope this post may attract some interest.
I have almost the same experience and setup. Progressively slow to boot VM despite having increased RAM from 2GB to 4GB. Takes about 20 minutes boot to fully operational. Tried re-installing HA VM on NAS with VMM but no improvement. Converting HDDs to SSD is prohibitively expensive. Any more thoughts?

As i said above: without ssd cache it’s painfully slow, as you describe. You didn’t say which synology do you have, but if you have one with cache option go for it, it’s worthed. Also, try to reserve some of cpu cores (as many as you can) in VM settings, it also improves speed a bit.