HA on UDOO x86

Hi there!
I’m using a Pi3B+ booting from a USB key - I could get a better performing key, but I’d rather upgrade my setup. I have a UDOO x86 Advanced Plus from the kickstarter campaign that was a good performer on CentOS with Docker, even with Proxmox, but I want a HomeAssistant “bare metal” install.

I’ve imaged an external HDD connect through SATA connector with latest HassOS image for Intel NUC. It’s working! But I think it could support the hardware better - HDMI CEC, for example, but the board has a soldered 32Gb eMMC who could be interesting to use without M.2 or SATA SSD.

So, I’m proposing myself to integrate this platform. Where can I start? :blush:

Upping my old thread. It looks like that the NUC image is working good - and getting better.
I’m missing the local /dev/ttyACM0 I had on Debian (or CentOS install I had even before).

Hey! Very interested in knowing if you are still happy with running HA on your Udoo? Does all things like Bluetooth work as expected?

A little late but I’m running home assistant sucessfully and stable on a UDOO x86 advanced plus.

However bluetooth is not recognized. If anyone has an idea on how to fix this let me know. Otherwise an external dongle might be a solution.

Im using Hassio OS.

I’m late too :slight_smile: !
Running HassOS on this board since the opening of this thread. I can’t access any “extras” on the board (IR, MMC…), and since BT wasn’t reliable (as far I can remember), I started using a external dongle.
I’d like to flash a the Firmata firmware to onboard Curie, to access at least the GPIOs, but… maybe I should have it done in first place with a local Win/Lnx install.
Anyway, this little board has well enough horsepower to run HA plus various addons, like AdGuard.