HA on Virtual Machine

I have installed HA to a Oracle VirtualBox virtual machine on Windows 10 Laptop. It was working until recently but now I get message during boot of the VM “a start job is running for wait until Kernel Time Syncronized” which seems to hang around for a while, then it bypasses this and completes the boot and the CLI starts Supervisor but there is no longer an IP address to log on to.
System Information
IPv4 addresses for enp0s3:

OS Version : Home Assistant OS 8.2
Home Assistant Core : 2022.6.7

I have just started this project so have very little experience, any help greatly appreciated

Are you using an Ethernet cable to connect the notebook to the network? I think I’ve heard of issues using Wifi.

EDIT: I ran into so many problem with vBox, I switch to VMWare Player and have been MUCH happier.