HA on VM with Raspi3 as slave for audio and Zwave or USB passthrough?


My HA runs on a VM (in XCPng) now …
I’m wondering how to best connect/use the “AEON Labs DSA02203 Z-Stick S2” stick to control my Zwave devices ?

  • I could “forward/passthrough” the USB device from the XCPng host computer into the VM … (has anyone tried this? does it work ? how ?)

  • or … I could use my old Raspi 3 as a slave, to plug in the Zwave USB stick and “forward” all the Zwave info to my HA over LAN … (how exactly should this be done ?)

Also I need my HA to play audio (e.g. for doorbell sound), so maybe should I also use the Raspi3 for this ? (can HA send audio - stream it ? - to my Raspi 3 to play it through it’s mini-jack output) ?

Am I making sense or am I just dreaming ?

… so, can anyone advise me which route to go ?

Thanks in advance !

You could run ZwaveJS or Zwavejs2mqtt on your Pi, and point your HA instance to it.

ah, really, and how would this work ?

and how about the audio ?

You can install ZwaveJS or Zwavejs2mqtt anywhere on your network, it works the same as installed on your HA instance.

Install VLC on your Pi, and use

I use virtualbox and pass through the usb to the VM. It works very well.

Have you looked here:?

yes, I know, it’s not available in the Xen Orchestra, but it is available in the Windows Xenserver management application …

how exactly would I “install” ZwaveJS on a separate Raspberry ?
and how would I have HA “point” to it ?
are there ant tutorials on how to install this ?

I have been running my Zwave controller (USB) by using the “USB Passthrough” function on an XCP-ng VM, but now I’ve noticed this VM can’t be backupped or snapshotted anymore becaue of this USB-passthrough …

So I need to think it over again …

maybe better to let the ZwaveJS server run on a slave-RasPi after all ?

can somebody point me to a tutotial on how to install/setup/run Zwave-JS server on a Raspi and then have my VM-HA point to it for reading/controlling the Zwave devices ?

I’ve looked at the Github, but these instructions are not very clear for a noob like me …

I would like to follow a start to finish tutorial on how to do this …

I would appreciate any help !