HA only accessible through DDNS, not local

Somehow, my HA instance is only accessible through a DDNS (I’ve set up DuckDNS a long time ago). I can’t acces HA through it’s local IP address:

  external_url: https://mydns.duckdns.org
      radius: 30

  ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem
  ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem
  server_port: 8123

any idea on how to fix this?

Have you checked whether the HA box’ s IP address changed in your router ?

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This is normal, it is either https or http, HA itself can’t do both at the same time.If you want to do both, you need to place a reverse proxy (e.g. nginx) in front of HA.

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Yes, I’ve set up a static internal IP address for HA ( If the IP address had changed, I also wouldn’t be able to approach it from my DDNS, right? network noob here…

But shouldn’t I be able to access it through then?

What @francisp said, try

you either use http or https, not both
(unless you’re using sone reverse proxy or something :thinking:)

You will get errors like

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Tried this, but doesn’t work.
edit: wait, wth! I get a “unable to connect to HA” error. When I go to the same address in an incognito window, it works! I always assumed that the error was a cached error page. okay, so I’m one step further.

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I am not familiar with DDNS. I use a Nabu account for external access and when I changed something in my router, and IP address was changed, I lost local access while still having external access (because my Yellow Box is connected with an Ethernet cable).