HA OS and Hardware


I am currently running Hass OS on Ubuntu Virtualbox hosted on a Windows 10 NUC (i7, 8GB, 500GBSDD). All servers are running in Docker within the VM (MQTT, NodeRed, DeConz, Zwave-JS), and Blue Iris served on the Windows machine (no choice here) as NVR.

Overall seems to be ‘ok’ but wondering if this is optimal? More recently (it may be Hass OS related) getting failures in the VM, and feel that to maintain the various USB sensors I have (z-wave, Wyze, Zigbee), requires pretty frequent rebooting to the point that I have this tasked to restart daily.

Questions: What is the optimal setup, particularly with the multiple servers running? Would it be better to run the servers on my Synology NAS? Windows Machine? Keep in docker/Ubuntu? Just seems stability could be a bit better.