HA OS freeze, can't find why

Ive installed HA OS on a Fujitsu S920 AMD GX-415GA , m-sata of 500G and 8Gb of RAM.

I’ve restored my Home Assistant backup, it was rurning on a VM without issues.

It was running without issues in the S920 for 3/4 days and after that it frooze, I needed to push the power button down until it shutdown completely and them start the S920 again and HA works again, until the next time it freezes.

I’ve searched on the journalctl -k -b -(the boot where it frozes), no errors, in all the journalctl, a part from an rest integration error, I need to search (it logs a lot this error) where is the issue , HA juste stop logging when it freezes.

I really need help to search where is the issue, and I don’t have any other clue, where to search.

Thanks for your help