HA OS Fresh Install no hwdb? lsusb just lists IDs. Aeon Z-Stick Gen5 not recognized


I did a fresh install from the haos_rpi4-64-12.3.img.xz flashed to USB SATA SSD boot device (Hardware unchanged and was working before). Did add a powered USB 2.0 Hub and switched the Aeon Z-Wave Gen5 stick to that. USB hub confirmed to work on laptop.

  1. My Aeon Z-stick Gen5 is no longer recognized?
    dmesg and lsusb do not mention any /dev/tty let alone /dev/trryACM0
    Z-Wave.js is not started as the configuration cannot be completed.

  2. SSH into 22222 and lsusb is showing devices but no ID’s
    These should come from /etc/udev/hwdb or /usr/lib/udev/hwdb
    There is no hwdb in either of those directories? Missing from the image?
    udevadm --debug hwdb --update obviously fails because of read-only file system…
    obviously cannot see which ine is Aeon Z-Wave Gen5 stick…

  3. dmesg | grep /dev/tty does not return anything …

Help anyone?
TIA, johmut

ls /dev/serial/by-id

No such file or directory …

If it finds a serial port, it shows

So it would seem your adapter is not recognised.

I know. It ran fine on the Pi4 yesterday before the reinstall. It works as it is detected on my laptop. Your screenshot kind-off confirms there is no hwdb in this buld as lsusb also just lists the ID’s. We could have caught a bug by the tail here …

What can I do or try next?

Maybe flash 0S 12.2

OK, I’m back up!

Here is what I did: I removed the powered usb hub and used an old un-powered usb hub to connect the Aeon Z-Stick, and it miraculously worked.

Still amazed about the hwdb no longer being included? How to add it manually?
Only way to detect is: ls /dev/serial/by-id then it shows up properly.

Warning to others: I bought the LogiLink UA0085 off Amazon and it does not work with anything else than storage devices. USB sticks work fine, USB SATA SSD works fine, but not the Z-Stick. Did not know that that was even possible for a USB hub to be selective in the type of devices it passes through. Anyone care to explain?


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