HA OS: How to create a raid array, as mdadm is not available

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I already tried searching for it, but could not find any results, like I seem to be the only one trying to do this, but that is 99.9% impossible :smiley:

So I do have a little server built based on an i3, which has an NVMe as disk for HA and two big 6TB HDDs over SATA to store camera recordings using Frigate.

I’ve chosen Home Assistant OS, as I have been using HA on an RPi for over three years now and was super happy. So when it was time to upgrade my HA host system with that said i3-based built server, I again went with HA OS, following this guide: Generic x86-64 - Home Assistant

Everything runs, everything cool, but now I wanted to create the raid for Frigate to store the camera recordings on, but the mdadm command is not available on the host system, nor can I find any package manager to install it (which makes sense, as HA OS uses builtroot and has no such thing)… I also can’t compile it, as all tools will surely be missing…

So how does one create a raid now in that environment? I can’t find any guide for that… I can’t be the first one to do this :smiley:

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From what I am aware of, directly on HAOS, that would be the first time :smile:

HAOS has support to mount storage from a NAS, so that is what most people end up doing to expand storage for native HAOS installations.

For a bit more involved setups, what most people do is using Proxmox and then virtualize HAOS. The ova image is well optimized for virtualized environments. This also allows to use your machine for things where there is no support in the HA eco-system.

Thanks for the reply!

I actually got that reply a couple of times on Discord and elsewhere, but I honestly don’t think that this is the solution. Imho, HA OS should at least be able to manage simple raids. Raids is nothing spectacular and exists since 30 or 40 years, if not longer. Simple Linux software raids via md would really be helpful to have. Adding a whole layer of complexity, just for managing a raid is imho way too much.

And yes, I know of all the benefits of proxmox… But I purposely decided to not make the system so complicated and thought a HA OS (which was serving me well for years on my RPi) is also the right choice here.
Sadly, it is way more lightweight then I thought it is…

I would really welcome having md/mdadm next to the already provided simple disk management abilities (fdisk, mkfs). I think this is just a logical, reasonable addition.