HA OS on 32bit UEFI

So, I have an old Zotac PI320 mini PC which unfortunately only supports 32bit UEFI.

Now, I have successfully been able to boot from Ubuntu and Debian live USBs and even install a full distro on the eMMC and gotten it to still boot by adding the appropriate files (bootia32.efi). However, when I write home assistant OS to the eMMC instead of a regular distro, I’m not sure what to do to get home assistant to boot.

I’ve added bootia32.efi to the appropriate folder in the EFI partition, and in that case, it is detected during boot, but only gets as far as the Grub2 shell.

The Debian wiki describes a process of booting to the live USB and then reinstalling grub-efi. I’m not sure if that process is appropriate or not and I just didn’t quite execute it correctly, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Any suggestions here? (Other than “install Debian and HA supervised” - yes, I know. That’s the fall back option. Just looking to run HA OS in the first instance, if I can)



Hi, I’m tryng to do the same on an old Bay trail compute stick but I’m stuck as you describe.

Have you made any progress?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Unfortunately not. I bought a mini PC on eBay with Celeron J4125, 8Gb RAM and 128Gb SSD for about $80 and installed the NUC HAOS image. Never looked back…

For the amount of fiddling about, it wasn’t worth my time anymore. I’m just going to put Debian or Ubuntu on the Zotac and use it for something else. Not sure what yet!

Hi Just wondering if you made any progress? Or did you abort as the OP?