HA OS on QNAP in 2024

I have been giving the current version of HA OS a whirl on a Pi4 and I have to say I’m super impressed. It really has been a really seamless change for me from my very outdated but rocksolid HA Core4.3.

I’m most impressed with the way everything can be handled from the one UI.
Congrats to the HA team and community who have obviously been working hard.

Well now its time to think more about long term for me and ask the question that is on my mind now.
That is what is the best way to install Home Assistant OS on my QNAP NAS which is running QTS 5.1.4 (always latest update)?

All the posts that tackle this topic seem to be well outdated so I thought I best reach out for anyone with up to date advice.

Cheers Steve

There is this advice from 2022 saying that a VM is the way to go? Is that still the current best advice?

If that is still yes then I’ll check that out and report back here. Oh which version release will I need as my QNAP CPU is an INTEL i5-7500?

Cheers again!

Well thanks very much to youtube this is all explained in full here: Home Assistant on QNAP Via Virtualization