HA os reboots

Hello all

During the last 2 weeks i have been suffering a nightmare with my environment.

It all started with an update of the firmware of my Aeotec stick 7 USB (which it did not work and i gave up).

I muddled through all of this and now i think all is running pretty well.
All the components )proxmox, USBs, Home assistant. see each others and are properly integrated.

My issue is:

When i launch the Home Assistant VM using the ip:8123, I get the login screen and I login …Brilliant

I start to configure an add on and without cause (that i see) Home assistant reboots and i get the log on screen again . once logged on i see that i have an alert saying that the log on failed.

What di i configure incorrectly?

BTW i did restart home assistant after the addition or modification of an integration

Thank you in advance for your help