HA OS Samba share with MacOS

Hello the HA community,

I’ve got my HA OS running on a VM handled by KVM ( in my Ubuntu 20.02 box (
I want to access files through samba shares. I have added the Samba add-on and all is running fine.

I can mount the HA OS shares on the host (Ubuntu) with this command:

sudo mount -o username=xxxxx,password=xxxxx // /mnt/hass_config

where is the IP of the VM.
So until here all is fine.

Now I want to access the shares with my Mac mini (in the same network) and I issue this command:


After a while I’ve got an error saying that : connection to server has failed.

I have disabled all firewall to see without success.

I wonder if there is something special to do to allow the Mac to “see” the VM at

Any clues on this topic will be greatly appreciated.

Note: I try to connect to the host itself with smb:// but this fails immediatly.

The problem was due to the network mode in the KMV VM. By default the network is set to NAT which enable communication from VM → theWorld but not on the reverse side which is needed here.

You need to configure the nertwork in bridge mode. The bridge mode configuration is described here: Install Home Assistant OS with KVM on Ubuntu headless (CLI only)

Please notice than in my case, the Wifi network cannot be bridged. I must connect to the ethernet to make the bridge works. Moreover, when configuring bridge mode with the wifi network, no more network where available on the Linux Ubuntu box.

So be very prudent with this function.