HA OS to Docker - remove hassio and raspberry_pi references - was I right?

I have today successfully moved from Home Assistant OS to a Home Assistant docker container. I migrated by copying the entire /config folder over to the docker machine. Everything has gone smoothly - all I had to do was make my own mqtt server to replace the docker add-on and tell ha to use that.

I had a minor irritation in that the hassio and raspberry_pi integrations throw an error each time I restart. It took a while to fix this and I would like to know if what I did is correct.


I knew they are no longer part of the setup in a docker container, but I couldn’t find any reference to them in configuration.yaml. I couldn’t set up with the “restore from backup” approach because there is no option to do that in a docker container as far as I can tell.

I reasoned They MUST be referenced in the /config folder somewhere so did a full text search for raspberry_pi with grep -r. I found an interesting reference in .storage/core.config_entries - I removed that whole block and restarted to see if the raspberry_pi reference would go at least.

That one change successfully removed the error for BOTH integrations/platforms.

Did I do the right thing?