HA OS Update shows beta when not joined to beta

Hi everyone,

I hope I’m in the right place with this. Today I got a notification that a HA OS update is available (8.0 → 8.1), but when checking the release notes it states “This release is currently on the beta channel!”. I’m not joined into the beta channel.

I’m running HA in a VM on vSphere:

|Installation Type|Home Assistant OS|
|Virtual Environment|false|
|Python Version|3.9.9|
|Operating System Family|Linux|
|Operating System Version|5.15.38|
|CPU Architecture|x86_64|

Home Assistant Supervisor

|Host Operating System|Home Assistant OS 8.0|
|Update Channel|stable|
|Supervisor Version|supervisor-2022.05.2|
|Docker Version|20.10.14|
|Disk Total|30.8 GB|
|Disk Used|10.9 GB|
|Supervisor API|ok|
|Version API|ok|
|Installed Add-ons|File editor (5.3.3), Genie (3.0.0), Terminal & SSH (9.4.0)|


Have I misconfigured my system somehow?

No, i think you are fine, it seems like it is a “Beta”, as clearly stated, maybe they just “pushed” this one it out , for those who was eager to fix the “Boot” issue.
As for me i had no issues with 8.0, and neither with 8.1, so if your in the same “state” you could click update, it’s very few “dedicated” fixes, to the OS , so i don’t think it will “brake” anything

8.1 beta has been pushed/bumped/rushed(?) to release: