HA out of memory after 2023.4.0

So I’ve recently updated my Home assistant Core to 2023.4.0. Since the update I haven’t been able to start Home Assistant. When I look at the CLI when starting up it looks like it should work at first but then I get: Out of memory: Killed process xxxx (python3).
I made a backup of my Home assistant before updating to 2023.4.0 but now I can’t even restore it.
When I try restoring it via the CLI it just says: Processing … Done. Error: Unknown error, see supervisor.

Does anyone else have this problem or a way to solve/ restore my backup?

Thanks in advance

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Same problem. Not sure if you’ve isolated what’s causing it?

Same here :frowning: System gets frozen randomly. Sometimes in minutes, hours, days…
Hardware: Rasperry PI 4B-4 GB SDRAM
OS version: 10.1
Home Assistant Core: 2023.4.6

All these problems started after recent upgrade to OS 10.1
Isn’t 4GB enough to run it all using node-red and a few automations?

should be. I found that turning off my zigbee integration solved it… might need to remove devices one by one to check what could be doing it?

Txs for the tip @tome88.
The suggestion of turning off zigbee scares me! Most of my devices are Zigbee and have always been working seamlessly.
It is true that I am trying these days disabling other integrations, but at the end, sooner or later, the same error happens (Out of memory). Before that fatal error, the memory comsumption keeps around 19-21%.