HA perfect music setup (HEOS, Google assistant, Spotify, Radio)

Hi, i’m struggeling to get the prefect music setup working with HA.

My hardware:
Denon X2400H AVR
5.1 analog speakers connected to the Denon
2 x HEOS 3
Symfonisk remote music contoler (IKEA)
Spotify premium account
Home Assistant Cloud

See drawing for the config overview

What do i want to achieve:

  1. Use voice to control volume, next song, start spotify, start radio.
    For example: Hey google, start spotify (wanted outcome: start spotofy on HEOS)
  2. Use HA to contole the HEOS setup and input

I have two cards now to control this setup, but it’s not working yet.

What i would like is to start either radio (HEOS favorites) or spotify on the two HEOS speakers and the Denon AVR. It should start playing the selected input and turn on the AVR and select HEOS as input.
This works easy with the HEOS app but via the HEOS integration voice is not yet supported.
That’s why i hope this can be solved with the HA integartion.
With current cards i’m heading in the right direction, but i’m facing some issues. When have radio enabled on the HEOS (top card), the input source in the bottum card disapears as it’s not idle.
The symfonisk volume control works although it’s very sensitive. But it works for pauze and play and volume control.

Does anyone have experience with a similair setup?

I have a Denon 3300 but I haven’t been able to find a way to turn it on. Once it’s on, no problems and I use it to turn off the lights in my tv room 2 minutes after it goes off at night. Did this just work on the 2400… or how do you turn it on?

Hi @ghstudio, i can’t turn it on yet this is one of my questions. Neither by voice or by HA app can i turn it on. I can only teurn it on via the HEOS app. But i’m aiming for a fully centalized control with the HA app.
What cards do you use to control the music? Voice or app?

When my Denon is off, it is not active on the wifi network…so there is no way to turn it on through Wifi. I think the easiest, and perhaps only, way to turn it on remotely is to use a harmony hub (which I have) or equivalent…but I haven’t tried it yet. Once it’s on, then the addon function will work.

Having a Denon AVR-X3600h.
Installed two integrations in HA: Denon AVR and Denon HEOS.
The AVR is connected with LAN cable.
No any problems turning it on with HA. It even turns on automatically, when starting a playlist in Spotify or Qobuz.

But, I’m not using any kind of voice control, so there I can’t help…

@BebeMischa, how do ou turn it on? with what card? Can you share a screenshot and the code of the card?

Its an entity made by the integration.

type: vertical-stack
  - type: media-control
    entity: media_player.denon_avr
  - type: media-control
    entity: media_player.denon_avr_zone2
  - type: media-control
    entity: media_player.denon_avr_x3600h
  - type: media-control
    entity: media_player.spotify_madelief

the first from above is the AVR, second is zone2 AVR, third is the HEOS system and last is the Spotify integration.

Looks like this, when playing:

And, obviously, it’s turned on by the visible Power buttons or the Play button on HEOS/Spotify.

Here is the bigger control screen for the AVR:

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Denon must have made a change in their 3xxx series since my x3300. When my x3300 is off, it is not active on my wifi network…so there is no way for home assistant to reach it. I’ve tried both wireless and wired connections…neither works. Presumably the x3600 remains active on wifi, even when the receiver is off.

@ghstudio, and if you use the HEOS app?

Maybe it’s just a one switch question… Maybe… :wink:

First: ensure, you do a firmware update. In December last year there has been a firmware update for a lot of Denon’s stuff, which did broke some functionality in HA. That got fixed.

Second: Do not forget this one, reachable also with your remote control in setup:

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The x3300 does not have HEOS…and it does not have any switch to keep network on. I just have to use my Harmony Hub…,

Is it a AVR-X3300W?

yes…is there a setting I’ve missed?

According to the manual from Denon itself, well, yes:


Wow! I just never saw that option. Thank you.

Question: when you configure your HEOS speakers as a stereo pair, would they show up in HA as 1 device / 1 entity?

Think so.
I have a HEOS AVR with two HEOS5 back speakers and these don’t show up as they are managed from the AVR automatically.
However the separate HEOS1 speakers in the house do show even when the AVR is set to play same music on all speakers.
Anyhow it is not difficult to try it out and see what happens.

thanks, i will try multiple configs.