HA periodically transmit 450 MB in short 5 minutes window

One of our HA installation periodically transmit total data 450 MB (rx 150MB, tx 400MB) in short 5 minutes window. It occurs every hour only during this short window. Average total data (rx + tx) during the rest of the hour is 1.3 MB and I would like to ask if someone found out the same situation. I would like to know what could cause this inside HA.

HA is installed with Docker Compose on Ubuntu Server and there are also these HACS (webrtc camera, local tuya, alarmo, solarman integration, nibe uplink, spotcast).

During that 5 min window ubuntu system shows that PID: 61591, user: root, program: pythonn3, device: eth0 is causing that total data transmit. PID: number is: python3 -m homeassistant --config/config and below are some screenshots of pid tree.


Thanks @tom_l for a hint. I will disable Speedtest and will post result.

Hi @tom_l After disabling it there was only average transmit as usual. With Speedtest.net enabled this unusual transmit amount occurs again. Thanks for your help.

Is there any possibility to dive inside HA and see what integration is using what amount of resources (cpu, mem, network …)?