HA prevented a burglary and helped capturing a burglar

Maybe this isn’t the wright place but I would like to thank everybody who works on HA or contributed to it.
I created an alarm that gives me a message with picture when someone enters our driveway.
We just left the house when I received a message that someone entered the driveway. When I looked ate the camera streams I saw someone checking out all our windows so I asked (with the doorbell) what he was doing. He then left running. We turned around and called the police.

We found him and followed him while the police was on there way. He entered another private property and hid in the cornfields.

Lucely the police found him and arrested him because he was wanted in several countries.

So thank you all! He never entered our house because of HA and the police are thankful they could finally capture him.


Great story! Nabu Casa should make this public :slight_smile:

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