HA professional group

Hey guys,

I have recently turned my 2 year long hobby project into a professional service offering home automation consulting and implementation to my regional market. Decided to start a FB group so we can exchange ideas and discuss specific topics with other home automation professionals who deploy Home Assistant.

Feel free to join - https://www.facebook.com/groups/hapro

Nice idea but please stop using that bullsh*t facebook to do pro groups !! Use some real forums like here basically where everyone can share and participate and not some fake social network thanks where you are the product !


Here’s not an option obviously and FB is far from ideal as it can’t keep code formatting for shit. Yet I’m not investing any time and effort upfront in setting up anything else. Going lean here with a MVP… will scale or pivot down the line if need be…

Agreed. I love the idea, and would love to participate; however I closed my social media accounts years ago and certainly have no intention on reopening them these days. OP, go ask Dan (electron) for some space on cocoontech.com. They already have a professionals section, have been around well over a decade, and already visited by many professionals that can offer advice.


Good idea, and want to participate.
But I closed all social media accounts years ago and will not reopen (same as Terry).


I’m in the same boat, social media is cancer for me, I avoid it at all costs and shut down my FB and Twitter ages ago.

It seems like this particular audience might be more inclined to avoid social media, perhaps because most of us are some sort of nerd to start with and know the kind of shenanigans that those guys are up to with our personal information.

After losing my job at the start of covid, I decided to go my own way… It would be good to start sharing resources (marketing etc etc etc)… to this point, feel free to use any of my material you find on my site…

Here is a post I published today on my site: https://iotci.co.uk/10-questions-to-ask-your-smart-home-provider/

… if we can all join forces, follow each others pages etc this will massively help in SEO rankings and hence help keep funding our passion…etc… Unfortunately the likes of Facebook to drive traffic is crucial for businesses targeting the consumer market… :frowning: … but hey, lets all help each other out… it’s tough out there…