HA Push Notification as Trigger?

Hello HA World- newbie here on the path of migrating away from Smartthings.

Is there a way to create an Automation that uses a PUSH notification as a Trigger?

I know HA is all about running things “local”, but I am looking for an interim solution right now.

I have set up Pushbullet integration (which supposedly has a sensor), but cannot seem to get it to work. I have seen others mention using IMAP. I tried IFTTT integration, but didn’t like having to open HA to the internet.

The idea behind what I am trying to do is really similar to this project (for Windows), which uses Pushbullet, Dropbox, Pushover (and others) to PUSH a message from the cloud and then run something. I’ve used this for another home project, and it’s been working great for years.

Ideally, I am looking for a reliable integration that most folks have battle-tested. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


use a webhook?

Thanks for the tip. I went down the Webhook route, and it involves exposing an open port on the Net, unless I go with Nabu Casa, a paid service. Also, I do intend for the trigger to turn off a water valve, so I’m not fond of security by obscurity in this use case. What I like about PUSH notifications (like Pushbullet) is it doesn’t require opening of a port, and the client side just gets

The source of the “push” is IFTTT.

Open to other ideas though!

I also tried IFTT once, but I now use https://olisto.com (free still)