HA Restart - New Update

HI All,

I just updated my home assistant version. With all the new functionality i can’t seem to find the check config, or “restart” button an1
more. Is it “reboot host”? Can i still check the config before restarting?



Developer Tools / YAML for the reload options, config check and restart.

Or there is a restart button top right of the Settings / System page. It will do a config check before restarting.


thank you as always. Didn’t think to look up there.

Couldn’t this info be pinned at the top of the community site? Obviously many users are searching for the button. :slight_smile:


It’s the first item in the release notes.

I know. But not everybody reads it.

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Then what makes you think they will read a pinned post?


A pinned topic at the top of the community site might be more eye-catching than an item in the release note. But feel free. It was just a remark, it was not meant to becime an epic discussion. :slight_smile:


I think there’s still a problem here. When I click “Settings” in bottom left nav-bar, the “System” item mentions “Create backups, check logs or reboot your system”. But when I click that “System” item, the option to reboot the system is nowhere to be found. We are setting up users with expectation that they can reboot in “System” but in reality they need to go to the Devtools and click YAML per this post (unless I’m missing where the reboot option is within Settings → System).

I have created an issue with this feedback on the frontend repo: Reboot guidance in settings is misleading · Issue #12983 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub


It’s there, but it does still take a me second to remember where.


Oh wow, surprised I missed that! Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll update the issue accordingly.

is there a service that can be called to reboot the server (device)? I whant to do auto reboot per week.

Yes there is but it would be a better idea to fix whatever issue makes you want to do that.

I have print server on the same machine and its stuck some time, for that i need reboot whole server.

ok, I found it hassio.host_reboot

Wow. That really is a terrible idea.

Why not just restart the print server?

Took me a while to find it as well. I think if it simply where in a button, it would already improve things. It’s hard to detect as clickable as only text.

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Holy cow, I’m blind.

each time I have to restart I look for 5 minutes. put the button in the menu !
UX please.

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Yes it should.

Far too many people mistake the host reboot action for the Home Assistant restart action.

Thus the restart option has been made more prominent (in two places) than the reboot option (overflow menu only).

Feel free to join the team and submit PRs for your ideas.