HA room dashboard/control

Hey there, I’m just starting with HA and I already love it. I have it running from a VM on a Windows PC and all is well, but! I want to have the possibility to install a touch display in every bedroom, in fact in every room, and visualize the dashboard for the room with a different user. I looked through the forum and I saw people were and are struggling with finding a solution beside a tablet nailed to the wall. What I have in mind is an Android device with a touch screen that can support the HA app. Is there such a device because I can’t seem to find one. I’m considering buying a TV stick and a separate 4"-7" touch screen. Any help will be appreciated

Did you see this one?


Or this one?
Planning and setup - ESP32-S3 - 4848S040 - 480*480 IPS touchscreen - Hardware - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

I have two of these. They are made for a European wall switch box, but I 3D printed an adapter to make it fit a 2-gang US box.

Mine is on my desktop while I experiment with different screens.

You can even send images to it, and if you wish, you can put buttons over the image. Right now, I am working to send my front-porch camera image to it.

I will be the first to admit that the learning curve is a bit more than a tablet running a browser, but the ability to configure every plate to the room it’s in is a plus.

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Or this one :slight_smile:

This is almost exactly what I’m looking for. Mains power supply, big and modern display, great price, Wi-Fi connectivity and the speakers are an added bonus, but I can’t figure out how to attach it to a wall besides making a huge hole in the dry wall. Anyway, I’ll look for alternatives. Maybe in the end I’ll consider a tablet if I fail to find what I’m looking for. Thanks a lot for the provided information. I’m a step closer to the solution

Thank you for the suggestion but I’m looking for something more futuristic :slight_smile: . I’m moving into a new house and I want it to have a modern look.

WFT, why the effort, why the hassle. I guess everyone has a taste after all. :smiley:

It’s a functional masterpiece of brutalist industrial art.

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Interesting little device, thanks for the link.

Looks to be alot easier to manage than the android based T6E, without losing much relevant functionality.