HA RPi installation image bad?

Here’s the symptom. I follow the procedure to install the OS to a T (American idiom meaning, “exactly, without deviation”)

When I get to the section, START UP YOUR RASPBERRY PI and I turn on the RPi 3B+, nothing happens other than the power light turns on. No blinking lights, router didn’t show that its DHCP server gave out a new IP address, nothing.

Initially I created the image on a Windows 10 machine using an SD Adapter for microSD in the computers SD slot

Here’s what I tried:

  1. Retried procedure
  2. Checked that the RPi would boot with a fresh RaspberryOS SD card (successful)
  3. Created image using SD dongle
  4. Created image using a different SD dongle
  5. Repeated the above using Ubuntu 20.04
  6. Checked the microSD card for errors using F3 on ubuntu (successful)
  7. To show that SD card was good, put RaspberryOS on SD card and booted RPi (successful)

I determined that

  • it was not the host computer
  • it was not the hardware between the host computer and the microSD card
  • it was not the Raspberry Pi
  • it was not the microSD card

Other than the image itself, I am at a loss as to what is the lacking component.

Your help is appreciated


ps, the Raspberry Pi imager has options that allow for a preconfigured username password, SSID and password and enabling ssh. This is a good idea.

Are you sure you have selected the correct image (the default is for the pi4)?

DOH! Thanks @tom_l

You’re not the first to fall for this. I’ve asked about making it more prominent but it’s unlikely to change unfortunately.

Hey @tom_l

It could be a simple drop down box with the first line as [Select Hardware] and not being allowed to continue until hardware is selected.

It is sad statement when a small change that improves the end user experience is not likely to be address. :frowning:

Thanks for your help!


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where I can find this page?