HA Rpi4 SD card weekly crash/freeze


I am using HA since September last year. Installed on Raspberry Pi 4 with 64gb SD card. Followed the regular installation instructions.

It is working quite okay, but since a couple of weeks now the system crashes each week in the night from Sunday to Monday around 01:15 - 01:30.
The Rpi does not have an IP-address any more, I cannot reach HA any more, the only thing that works is to power down the Rpi and restart the Rpi and HA.

I can see in the history of some entities this happens around the above mentioned time and the values in the history remain the same (CPU% of RPI, temperatures living room etc.) until the restart.

Is there any HA task scheduled once a week on Sunday-Monday night that can cause these issues? or how can I recover this information, since after a restart the HA logs are cleared and restarted as well.

Thanks in advance for some feedback,


Same problem over here, but on a RPI 3b+. Crashes every Sunday to Monday around the time mentioned above, for quite some weeks. Hopefully someone knows how to fix this?!


Did you find a solution as I have a HA on RPI 4 with a weekly Monday crash

It is a new HA setup on a RPI 4 which is running fine all week.
But every Monday at 01:55am (CET) the HA is crashing (and only at that specific time).
My Zigbee (Zigbee2MQTT) is missing and I can’t read the configuration files.
I tried to get the log file via Samba but it can’t even find the server.
However, I can still access the HA server and some operations with Wifi devices is still working. (But no access to Configuration files)

Is there anyone who has an idea where to look?

Thanks in advance.