HA Saved my A--

I just wanted to post a recent experience that I wanted to share. Home Assistant saved my A–. I recently just had Solar and 2 Tesla Powerwalls installed. I started noticing that I was not getting the power I should have from the Powerwalls. When the installer and I called Tesla they were saying that everything is fine on their end and the powerwalls were just fine. I was able to go into Home Assistant and with the help of the Tesla Integration was able to pull up the past 2 months worth of Data with the installer right next to me. He was able to verify everything I was saying. So then Tesla looked deaper into the logs on the powerwalls and was like Oh yeah I see this and he’s right there is a big issue with this powerwall. It was an issue that Tesla said they never seen before and was impressed that “I” the customer was able to diagnose this. Well there is no way I would have been able to do this without home assistant and If it wasn’t for Home Assistant I would have been working with a brand new dead powerwall probably forever. Tesla is now sending me a new powerwall all thanks to be able to back up my claims with the data from Home Assistant. Can’t thank you guys enough for what you do!