HA says I'm home but I'm not

I’m quite confused because the device_tracker seems to not work as expected…

As you can see in the following screenshot, for HA I’m home.

The weird thing is: I’m not at home (see next screenshot), I’m actually at work (where I created a zone for it). Since I’m obviously use only one device_tracker, which is sending the correct GPS coordinates, by the way, I don’t know why I’m still displayed as homewhen I’m away since hours?

In known_devices.yaml my iPhone tracking is deactivated (at least for my local WiFi as I understand that correctly):

Does anyone have an idea?

has the app got the required gps permissions etc?

Haha, you’re right… Of course I enabled GPS permissions but when I doublechecked it right now it was “Ask everytime”. I changed it to “Always” and it works properly now. So simple… thanks!