HA Scheduler Addon

very nice. Same request for consideration.
how bout a plain docker option for those of us runinig home assistant core in docker.

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Hi @juan11perez it is not an easy modify because the addon use the Authorization mecanims from Hassio (We recive a token to send a command to HA). i think to do this i need to implement a different docker container witch in config.json you need to set a Long-lived access token and the endpoint of HA core. maybe if it is a request from more peaple i’ll try to implement. Thanks for the feedback

thank you for your response

Nice work, really like the look of this.
I’m using Node-Red as the moment for things like this (heating scheduling etc) - but this looks much cleaner :slight_smile:

I think a useful addition could be if you were able to set constraints/conditions on the schedule (our homes are supposed to be smart after all :stuck_out_tongue:)
So you could have things like turn on the light between x and y, but only if z is true (something like a person sensor.)

Hi @swifty i have analyzed the possibility to handle you request something like into range of time on/of if a person go from “not home” to “home” turn on the light else leave off but to do this i have two way to understand the state of person entity one it is polling every tot of seconds other parse event from HA (There are a SSEClient lib). I prefer don’t add more stress to HA because all two way add a continuous communication between the addon and HA. (To understand the person state)

I really like the add-on - one question, though:

Is there a way to turn a schedule on and off via an automation/action?

Hi @chairstacker tomorrow I’ll try to use the services hassio stdin to send a command from automation to my addon. ( turn on or off an schedule of entity) I’ll hope the solution can handle your request. I’ll give you a feedback.

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HI @chairstacker i have committed a new version 0.7 with give us the possibility to set the status by service hassio.addon_stdin.

service: hassio.addon_stdin
addon: 998c1fd8_homeassistantscheduler
input: light_xxx:enable_on

addon = name of addon
input = entity name:action (enable_on or enable_off)


Is there a way to select multiple entities? Many of my sunset and time based automations turn on multilple lights or switches. Do I have to create schedule for each entity?
Also, if I have a schedule that runs at the same time every day of the week can I simply choose the whole week or do I need to make an entry for each day?
thanks again for a nice addon.

I’m guessing you could use groups.

Groups would work but I would need to create quite a few different groups to as I have a different mix of lights and switches that come on based on different situations. Possible but then almost defeats the benefits of this addon. thx

@fantangelo it is possible to change the addon to handle a group of entities but i need to do more change on frontend and backend. i’ll try to add this.

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That would be awesome and truly a game changer!

This looks awesome.
Can’t wait to get back home and try this!
In the readme in the repo I found one interesting sentence:

This addon give us the possibility to handle a simple week configuration of automation, light, binary_sensor, climate, cover, switch and script.

does that mean that I can set the temperature on the generic thermostat?
I’m doing that via automation right now, but I’d like to be able to use your UI with that.
Ideally, I’d like to specify what target temperature must be set on what hour every day in the week.
For example, mon-friday at 8 in the morning set the target temperature to 17 (everyone is at school/work) and on 4 PM set target temp to 20, then in the evening set the temp to 19. This is just an example.
All of this can be done via automation editor but changing hours and values takes forever.

Hi @Misiu at moment for climate entity there is just an action to turn on/off there is no setting of target temp. maybe i’ll add these possibility in the future release.


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Hey @michelebossa, I’m just installing the latest version of this great add-on and had a new idea - because people have not given you enough suggestions yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You offer the option to tie the on/off time to sunset/sunrise plus/minus a certain time.
How about being able to set a time with a random offset, e.g. 22:00:00+random(30)?

I think one value should be enough.
If I want the light to come on at a random time between 22:00h and 22:30h I could just enter 22:00:00+random(30) or maybe even sunrise+random(10) which could be for anywhere between 10min before to 10min after sunrise.

Hi @fantangelo and @Misiu i have posted a new version 0.9 to handle you request.

Possibility to handle Group (Button + and - to add entity)

:T+temperature to set with climate entity. it is a BETA function because i don’t have a climate to test give me a feeadback


Hi @chairstacker it is a very strange request why someone need this option? (Random Time)

Imagine you are on holidays away from home. You leave your domotic system on in order to show some activity in your house to pretend you are living in. If covers (or lights) always go up and down at the same time, bad guys could conclude your home is automated and no one is inside. That’s the only reason I can think of.


Thank you for adding multiple entities!