HA Scheduler Addon

Hi All,
I have made a New addon to handle a simple week schedule to turn on or off the entities on Home Assistant.

You can set for every days of week a trigger based on time or sunset/sunrise + offset.

I have taken the inspiration from SimpleScheduler Addon but for my necessity i have decided to write a new addon with more powerful features.

Seend me a feedback.

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  • FIX sun time format Version 2021.5.0


  • Add FAN (BETA)
  • Allign code


  • Add brightness set for light entity (BETA)
  • FIX sort group name


  • Add input_boolean


  • Add filter to drop-down selection box


  • Fix duble save new schedule
  • Fix group name into addon_stdin functionality


  • Check at reboot if there is an entity to set on based the scheduled time
  • Add new option in config to set background color


  • Add group for entity
  • Add temperature set for climate entity (BETA)


  • Add hassio.addon_stdin function to enable or disable the schedule


  • Add Cover entity


  • Add Climate entity


  • Add the possibility to turn individual days on or off (Request 1)

Awesome thank you very much! I made a very crude version of this as a picture elements card, just to control my heating. The automation in the background is really simplistic and took loads of lines.

Your addon is exactly what I was looking for!! I can use it to control more entities without having to duplicate loads of code. :+1: I can’t see how to give you feedback on Github, so I’ve done it here instead. Do I have to raise an issue on gitbub, in order to make a feature request? Seems like a negative choice of words :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback i have change the post to remove the misunderstanding part :wink:

Sorry, it’s me who is not being clear. I can’t see on github how to provide feedback or request something. I’m not used to github. I was hoping for a feature to be able to turn individual days on or off, without having to remove a time. The scenario could be having the lights come on at a certain time but knowing you’ll be away on a particular day, you turn it off for that day and then put it back on again, when your schedule returns to normal.

I realise I could just change the time and so very happy to be using this as it is.

Thanks again.

Ok i have understand you request i think i can do something like this

Just for my trace of new request i have opened these issue i’ll hope to add this in a very short time.


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This would be great, thank you for adding. I’ll learn how to navigate around github! :laughing:

Added into V0.5

Great work! I have auto-update turned on and I did a restart of home assistant but the add-on stayed at 0.4. Is there something else I should be doing?

Try to reload the data by click on refresh button

Brilliant!! Works an absolute charm. That was a great idea with shading the days that are not enabled as well :+1:

Thanks :+1:

This looks like a really nice addon. What impact would this have on overall system performance and CPU usage? Also, can an entity be a script or automation? thanks

Hi Fantangelo,
For the impact on system performances i have no significant difference on my configuration. (RPI 2) About the question on the Script or Automation the answer is yes.

Thanks, I will try it out.

Very nicely done. Looking forward to use this. This was what I was looking for.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

This is really great. Thank you.
FYI: it works with negative values to schedule before sunrise/sunset


I know I could do it with an automation but: would it be possible to include covers to the entities?

+1 on covers. thx

I have added the covers with version 0.7 i’ll hope it works.

Covers work beautifully in my setup. Thanks!

:+1: :beer: