HA seems to have amnesia

Hi guys,

Recently I’ve updated all my Docker containers (HA v0.112.3, Node-RED v1.1.0, Z2M, Mosquitto etc.). After the updates all kind of wierd behaviour started. Xiaumo switches not starting automations, half of all lights turn on. I can only do one thing at the time so it’s diving into;

Why does HA seem to set brightness to 0? At a certain point lights will not switch on when I trigger an automation flow in Node-RED. Actually they turn_on but with brightness: 0. It seems to be a time related issue. When I manually set brightness in HA, triggering NR flows works and after some random timespan lights in that flow just stop turning on. Brightness I just 0. Adjust the brightness in HA fix issue for 5,10, 60mins… It happens with Tradfri lights and Hue Lights. I don’t have a clue if it’s Home Assistant or Node-RED. I don’t think it will be Zigbee2MQTT or even Mosquitto.
Example of piece of a flow in NR. I dynamically call light service from function Nodes


Function node - Joined Array of states

const newMsg = {
    "topic": "joined_sensors", 
    "payload": undefined
const someOn = msg.payload.some( state => state === "on");
const everyOff = msg.payload.every( state => state === "off");

if(!someOn && !everyOff) {
    return null;
newMsg.payload = (someOn) ? "on" : "off";
return newMsg;

Function node - Dynamic Call Light Services

const newMsg = {
    "topic": msg.topic,
    "payload": {
        "domain": "light",
        "service": undefined

const service = {
    "on": "turn_on",
    "off": "turn_off"

newMsg.payload.service = service[msg.payload] || "toggle";

return newMsg

Does anyone has the slightest clue what causes this amnesia?