HA server url does not support redirects

I have my HA instance available via some long url, for example and I want to make it available via a shorter link when I install it in different tablets. I have already redirected my short link like mylink.me/tab1 (dummy url) to my long url (also dummy url), but HA login gives 404 error. It only works with the long link.
How to make it work with permanent redirects (as I use for my short to long link)?

Nginx ? ()

If it is browser redirect then it should work.
Sometimes missing hairpin NATing can cause issues though.

If it is an iframe redirect, then it might be the cause, but iframe redirects from this party sites is not recommended either, for security reasons.

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No, it’s a server level 301 (permanent) redirect. If I enter short url in the browser, it redirects correctly to long url

So it works?