HA shows ~69GiB of diskspace used but my Docker containers only show as ~7GiB total... where else would HA store data?

I am a little perplexed by the whole thing.

From what I understand the InfluxDB sensor isn’t the most accurate, but the disparity between the Docker container size for InfluxDB and the sensor reported size is quite large. I also don’t see anything large enough to be in the range of the reported size of the MariaDB database.

Any suggestions on where else HA could be storing the other 62GiB?

FWIW - This is a Supervised install in a VM

The docker command is showing you the size of the image (the virtual part) and the container itself. This does not include anything mapped to the host. You can see this also with MariaDB where the container is 18K+309M but the database size is 6G because it is mapped to the host. Anything that needs to persist if the container is recreated (eg. duraing upgrade) needs to be mapped to the host or it will be lost. So I’m guessing you have a lot in /media.