HA slow with MQTT and Shelly

Hi all,

I have HA on rasperry Pi-4 with SSD 500 G external drive. They system get very slow once I configured MQTT broker and added many of shelly devices (1, 1pm, 2.5, bulbs (wifi), ).
is it due mqtt or has no relation? if it is due to mqtt, can i set another raspberry as mqtt broker and the main raspberry as listener? if yes how can i do that? kindly advise

An external mqtt broker is certainly possible, that is how I run my HA’s. Simply enter the IP of your broker in the mqtt integration configuration page.

Thanks for quick response. But do you think this is cause of slowing the main raspberry. for your information the mqtt messages as per mqtt explorer reach around 800,000 messages in one week.

My mqtt integration shows over 100 devices, and more then 500 entities, but I have never used the HA mosquitto add-on, so I really don’t know.
My mosquitto runs on a Pi1 together with pihole, not one of the fastest machines

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I’m using Mosquitto addon with about 100 Shellies and dozen zigbee devices.
No problem at all nor slowdowns
My HW is rpi4 with 8GB and SSD but have the same experience with rpi4 4GB/mSD.

There were problem in about February addon version, fixed in May. Considering you have most recent addon version, the problem must be somewhere else.

Ahh how you get number of messages from the Mosquitto? I could compare them.