HA + Smartthings + Alexa replies "Mh, device is not responding" but the command is activated

Hello, since a month i’m getting this kind of behaviour on my 2 Samsung air conditioners connected using HA smarthings integration:

I give the order to Alexa to turn one of them on
Alexa answer “Mh, the device is not responding”
the air conditioner still turns on

The behaviour happens even if i tell Alexa to put it on heat, cool or turn it off, same answer from Alexa and the command is sent and activated anyway
Tried to deactivated them, uninstall the integration, create a new token, reboot HA, disconnect and reconnect from nabucasa but the issue is still there.
I have other things connected to Alexa through HA, but this issue happens only on the air conditioners.
I don’t know if it’s a problem related to Smartthings, its integration or whatever and i don’t know how to debug it… anyone has any suggestion?

Using Alexa app on my mobile, i have the same behaviour, the command is sent and activated, but i have a notification saying the device is not answering

Tried using the smartthings skill directly from alexa and i don’t have any kind of issue (well, the skill is as bad as it can be, since i can only turn it on and off… but there’s no “device is not responding”…)

Thank you

So it works, but not fast enough for Alexa.
I’m guessing the Smartthings commands are cloud based:

  1. You tell Alexa
  2. Alexa tells HA
  3. HA tells the cloud
  4. The cloud tells the unit
  5. The unit tells the cloud it worked
  6. The cloud tells HA
  7. HA tells Alexa
  8. Alexa tells you

kind of thing?
and you are using a small computer like a pi to run HA? Am I close?

The activation is nearly instant, let’s say 1… max 2 seconds
HA is hosted on a ESXi 8.0 VM with 2 vCPU and 2GB RAM, the PC is a HP ProDesk 600 G5 (i5-9500T with 16GB ram and 256 nvme disk)
Never had an issue, tried right now giving the VM more vCPU but it doesn’t change anything (plus, it worked fine since 2 years, i don’t see why it should be a problem now, when the CPU utilization is always near to 0%)

And yes, Smartthings is (sadly) an integration cloud based

Ok, so missed on the CPU. That is plenty of power.
My ‘look-at’ list in order would be:

  • Reduce the number of things on the list of actions above (and/or)
  • See if your database is getting too big (>1.5gb) (and/or)
  • Look for errors in the HA Logs (and/or)
  • Better CPU (and/or)
  • Look at router / firewall / DNS for log errors or slowdowns
  • Reduce the number of things on the list of actions above (and/or)
    (can’t do it, since it’s a voice command, the cycle is the one you’re telling and i guess is the only way to do it… don’t think i can change its order or cut something)
  • See if your database is getting too big (>1.5gb) (and/or)
    (how/where i can check it? thank you)
  • Look for errors in the HA Logs (and/or)
    (no errors at all, for HA everything is fine)
  • Look at router / firewall / DNS for log errors or slowdowns
    (using nabucasa as cloud connection my firewall is completely transparent, plus i have 1gbit/300mbit bandwith available, i would say it’s something that shouldn’t be related)

For the first one, is it possible to connect Alexa directly to Smarthings? HA can still be connected, but the loop for Alexa skips a couple of steps talking directly to Smarthings, maybe. It’s a thought…
Set up and use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa with SmartThings.

Yes, as i wrote in the first post, directly connecting alexa to smartthings there’s no error, but the control is far from optimal… turning them on and off is the only thing available (no heat, cool and so on).

But it doesn’t make any sense, since all the possible automations using HA would be unavailable (and i wouldn’t be here asking for advices)

That’s all I got, maybe someone else has an idea.

Thank you for your efforts, it helped anyway to have someone else making a list of possible solutions and workarounds
Let’s wait for someone else now :slight_smile:

I am having a seemingly similar issue with a “Generic Thermostat” integrated in homeassistant for my fireplace. It worked perfectly with alexa until a recent homeassistant update, I believe starting with 2024.1. I get the same behavior described by @Danguard.
I rolled back to homeassistant 2023.9.3 (I didn’t test other versions) and all works as it should with alexa, without the unresponsive device voice response or mobile app notification.

My other devices, lights and switches, all perform as expected on the homeassistant 2024.1 versions.

This is fixed in 2024.1.3

  • Fix invalid alexa climate or water_heater state report with double listed targetSetpoint (@jbouwh - #107673) (alexa docs)

Good call!
Just back home and installed the new 2024.1.3 and now everything is fine again :slight_smile:
Thank you