HA status and events over to ISY994?

I have some ISY programs that react to the status of my garage doors. Basically if the door is open I turn a light, that is in ISY, on…and off if closed.

Because of some changes Chamberlain has made to their cloud services I can no longer use any of the Chamberlain integrations (I had Chamberlain integrated in both ISY and HA).

I moved to a bunch of ratgdo devices, which work like a CHARM, but now I can’t get to the status, or trigger an open or close event, in ISY.

Any thoughts?

I haven’t tried this yet, but one thought I just had was to change an ISY state from HA?

I just tried my own suggestion and it works like a charm. Most of my actions in the ISY just set a State Variable which then triggers what I want in the ISY. I added an automation to HA that just sets the state variable.