HA stops receiving Amcrest events after AD410 reconnects

Hi all,

I’m using the native Amcrest integration to hook into my AD410 doorbell. Everything seems to work as expected, until the doorbell drops a few packets. Once this happens, HA is no longer receiving Amcrest events until I fully restart HA. The stream still works post reconnection, but events are no longer being captured.

Wanted to see if anyone has experienced this before I open a issue on the repo.


Native Amcrest integration? As far as I’m aware, there’s no such thing.

Same problem, it was working initially but now I don’t receive any Amcrest events. Did you find the root cause?

Did you update your AD410 firmware recently? If so, that is the root cause. It was defective with regards to event handling.

There is a newer firmware release this week that fixes that problem.

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