HA stops responding after a short while

Hi! I decided to jump on the HA-train to control my home, but unfortunately ran into some major issues right off the bat. I have been unable to find a solution on the web so hopefully someone in here can help me out?

I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 (4 GB) and followed the installation instructions here. I initially had problems connecting to HA but it worked fine after switching to 64-bit.

When the Pi is booted up everything works as expected. But after a short while (10-20 minutes), logs, history and supervisor stops responding. The message “Unable to load the panel source: /api/hassio/app/entrypoint.js.” appears in the browser and the tab freezes up. I can still access my dashboard and control lights, etc when I close the tab and re-enter, but only if i use http://homeassistant.local:8123 and not the IP-address. The ports are still open (8123, 22). At this point I can’t access the log files via the web interface, and when I try to pull them using SSH i get a “-bash: /usr/bin/ha: I/O error”.

The supervisor logs up to this point shows no errors, only green text. There are some errors in the HA-logs but only related to a printer, shopping list and the Spotify integration.

After a hour or so, the system crashes completely and the IP of the Pi disappears from the network. Everything is back to normal when i reboot the Pi, and the same things happens again.

What can be the source of these problems?

Update: Changed the SD-card to a different brand and did a clean install. Works fine so far!

I find it a bit weird because I used the SD-card that came with the Pi. Class 10. Probably of poor quality?

Is this still working for you because I have the exact same problem and I am running off a USB (SSD) boot. I have done a complete software update right from rp4 firmware to Home Assistant OS 5.10, Supervisor Version 2021.01.7

Hi, i have the same problem! Powering on/off the Rpi is the only solution… I’m also using the SD that came with it. So I’m also wondering if this was the solution.

I moved HA from the SSD to a SD card and it works fine now. I am thinking it might have something to do with the 3 amp power supply as the SSD draws significantly more power than the SD card.

I will try another supply and report back.

My setup still works fine with the new SD-card.
Really think the bundled SD-card was faulty.

I’ve replaced my SD-card (the one that came with the Pi) with a Sandisk Extreme and the problem looks solved. If anything changes in the upcoming days I’ll post an update, but I think this was the issue.

Looks as though I may have had a similar problem. I replaced the SSD drive with a new one and it’s working fine now. Thanks all. :slight_smile: