HA stops to work

Hi all,
I’ve 0.97.2 of HA on Synology docker and it happens in the last days it stops to work.
The last error is a custom component timeout ([homeassistant.core] Error doing job: Exception in callback) but could that cause a stop to the service?
On docker the service seems running, the port in listening, but the GUI doesn’t answer and no more logs are written. Seems frozen. I need to restart ot.
How to debug it?
Thanks, Simon

The standard advice is to disable all custom components and see if that helps.

You’ll also want to run a configuration check and look for errors.

Hi, thanks, I’ll starting with that!

Strange…this happened to me two times since updating to 0.97.2.
Same setup here: Synology (DS418play) with HA in Docker container.
HA just stops working.

Actually I’ve disabled external component and seems more stable, but I’ll wait some days more :wink: