HA stops working whenever there's an update

Hi there. I’m fairly new to the smart home community. At the moment I’m happy to have been able to setup homeassistant on a raspberry pi 3 (Home Assistant OS, nothing else) using a ConBee II as bridge. So far, everything seems to work fine.
There’s only the problem that every single time there’s an update to either the core or the os, homeassistant stops working entirely. I have to restart the pi several(!) times to be able to access HA again to perform the update. After a last restart everything usually works fine again.
From time to time, this also happens without there being an update (happened just today).

Now is this a known thing? Have I done anything wrong? Where can I access some kind of log to determine, what the cause of this behavior is?

Thanks in advance for every answer.

If you have to restart, then the previous log file will be /config/home-assistant.log.1

Found it, thank you!
Looks like the deCONZ gateway stops working somehow.
But that’s only my interpretation.
Is there some way to upload the log so somebody with more understanding can have a look at it?

edit: it just happened again with the release of the latest os.


2022-08-24 08:42:28.384 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.deconz] Error connecting to deCONZ gateway at core-deconz

That seems to be the problem. But I don’t know how to solve it.