HA-supported outdoor outlet with energy metering?

Hi all,

Does anyone know of any HA-compatible outlets that are rated for outdoor use and offer energy monitoring? I’m happy to reflash devices, etc. I have a strong preference for devices that can be used without any internet access for the device. (I’m fine if it needs internet access for initial setup.)

I’ve not found any z-wave or zigbee outdoor outlets with energy monitoring at all. I’ve found a few wifi ones, but it’s difficult to tell if they’ll work in HA. I’ve pasted links to the ones I’ve found at the end.

My thanks for any help!



I would simply use something like a Shelly 1PM in a wallbox somewhere not exposed to the elements and connect it to a standard outdoor rated outlet.

Aeotec makes an outdoor capable, heavy duty smart switch (Z-wave) that monitors energy. However, it’s a bit pricey:


Thanks! I was hoping to use something that I can just plug in instead of hard wiring. (I actually have a similar device from GE for another use, but it’s for a 220v device.)

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Wouldn’t the GE device you have work for 120VAC also? This is from the link you provided.
(Edit: I see that it is hard-wired.)

Yeah, as you note, it would work with a 120v device, but it is hard-wired and so a bigger hassle. It’s also far more expensive than I’d hope for such a device–I was willing to pay the premium for it for my 220v use, but the multi-outlet wifi ones for 110v are ~$25.

Update: it appears all three of the devices I linked use the “Smart Life” API & app, and it also looks like devices like that generally are supported with the Tuya component, so I’m going to try one and report back.