Ha-switch entity input but no output


My flow is for 2 motion sensor to trigger some lights outside.
I’m using a ha-switch entity to trigger a simple gate from the lovelace dashboard. So for example if I go to bed the lights won’t go on because of a cat or whatever passing by.

This is working as it should. However I would like to automatically open the gate again at 6:00 and I’m trying to use big timer for this.
I can get the switch top change state with the input but I’m not getting any output, so the gate isn’t opening but the switch is change to state on.

Any ideas on how to get this working?

Did you set the output on state change option in the HA-switch node?

When I toggle the switch from the Lovelace dashboard it works perfectly.

But when I try inject the state change it does not give any output. And I’m not quite sure if BigTimer can send out the message to change the switch status. But first I need to get it working with the inject. :slight_smile:

I do actually not think the node is meant to have an input at all.

Hmmm, then why does it have that option though?

I think I solved it. :smiley:

So input was possible but it wasn’t giving output.
I let BigTimer open the gate and witch a change rule switch the output from BigTimer to the necessary command to set the switch to ‘ON’.

It now looks like this.

I was really wrecking my brain about this for the last few days. :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks for the help!