HA turning off some generic switches without obvious cause

Over the last few weeks (possibly since a core update), HA has started turning off random generic “switches” at 1am (we are now on British Summer Time, so I suspect this may be some sort of midnight clean-up task or some such). The first thing that alerted me to this was my wireless networks being paused (I have Unifi Network integration), along with most of my firewall rules being disabled. I got around this by disabling those generic switches in Unifi. However, it is still turning off the Battery Eco mode on my GivEnergy Solar inverter. This has the side effect of switching me back to grid power overnight, which I obviously don’t want when my battery has energy to use!

None of my automations run at this time, and I have checked the logs which just say this:

Battery Eco Mode turned off triggered by service Home Assistant Core Integration: Generic turn off

Reading other articles, people are saying that this message just means that something outside of HA has turned it off. But there is no way my firewall rules were being switched off by anything else. Since disabling those switches, wireless networks and firewall rules are all fine. One other article suggested it may be a blueprint causing it. I had added one recently, so removed that and the associated script, but it’s still doing it.

For the time being I have a new automation rule that runs at 1.05 am and turns the Battery Eco mode back on, but that is just fixing the symptom rather than the cause.

Does anyone have any idea where to start looking to figure this out?

I may have just figured this out myself! I also have Alexa integration, and have a routine to turn off all the lights at 1am. Looks like a lot of these generic switches are being exposed to Alexa as light switches. Need to test tonight, but suspect that is probably the cause. Doh!


Good job finding that. This has burned me MULTIPLE times lol. Part of the reason I do very few routines in Alexa because I always forget they are there.

Yeah, it suddenly occurred to me when I looked at the devices list in Alexa, to find a shed load of things that weren’t there before! I’ve only been using HA for a month or so, so still have a lot of reorganising to do. I expect to move as much away from Alexa as possible over time.

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Yeah, I’m very stringent about what goes into Alexa. Simply because I have so many entities, it becomes a nightmare to organize 2 different systems (HA and Alexa). Then, I throw HomeKit into the mix as well, because I apparently like to make my life difficult. :rofl:

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Just to follow up, it was indeed Alexa turning it all off! I’d completely forgotten I’d been playing around with emulated hue early doors, and at some point obviously asked Alexa to find new devices. From that point on, everything that emulated hue passed though was showing as a light switch, which got turned off by the 1am routine.

So, all my fault, but leaving it here in case it helps anyone else!