HA unaccessible via Android client until WiFi is reconnected

Running the latest HA with the latest Android app. Google WiFi. HA responds on duckdns.org address.

Sometimes, at least once a day, all 3 users in the household are unable to connect via WiFi until they disconnect and reconnect to Wifi.

I am at a loss where to begin troubleshooting. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like network issue not HA.

When this occur do other website work?
How long you test before wifi connect/disconnect? (Is it possible HA temporary not connected to internet and just conicidence/perfect timing wifi dis/reconnect fix)

Hi @alekseyn
I’m thinking you are using the official Home Assistant Android app, not HA Client?

Yes, using official app. Still having funky issues that I described. Still can not find the pattern as to when/why it happens.

Other websites work ok.
A quick reconnect to WiFi solves it…

I would try disabling your internal connection url in the app configuration, to see if that makes any difference. It might indicate where in your network setup the problem exists.