HA unavailable when Internet goes down

Hi guys.
Due to the wonderful thing that is the National Broadband Network in Australia, I regularly get the Internet dropping out, every couple of days. The fact that this is considered to be working as expected is a conversation for another time.

I’ve actually got some automation setup that detects this and restarts the NTU, which works great.

However, of late when the Internet drops, the UI is no longer available. Automations seem to still work, but I just can’t log in any more. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what has caused it, or any particular change, but it’s quite annoying. It’s fairly recent, but not sure of a particular version that may have introduced it. If I had to guess, around 0.90.

I’m running Hass.io via docker on a nuc.
Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

If my internet goes out I still have full access to my UI.

Just an idea, could it be that you try to access your UI from outside your network?

Nope. Even direct via IP it doesn’t load. It’s VERY odd. And I’ve got a local dns server running, so the dns always resolves internally. Same issue whether I’m on wireless or wired.

I haven’t yet ruled out it being browser based, such as dns via http or something along those lines.
I’m certainly no docker expert, so it could be related there too. It’s ballpark around the same time that I moved away from an rpi based setup.

Docker doesn’t do that though.

I don’t think so either, but I’ve got to grab onto a straw somewhere!

I think i may have something on this one (in case anyone is interested!)

I use dnsmasq running on a Rpi for DNS – mostly so i can spoof the wunderground update address and capture weather data into weewx (and HA).
When my interent drops, dnsmasq seems to resolve EVERYTHING to Looks like i have a misconfig in dnsmasq.

I think the IP address not working is maybe a red herring - it worked tonight when it went down!