HA Virtualenv OZWCP Install Help

Does anyone have a guide to installing OZWCP on linux in the same Virtualenv created for HA? I installed HA using the Virtualenv guide. I think i need to install in the virtualenv as that is where Open Zwave is installed.

Any guidance is appreciated.

I guess is possible to do this but it doesn’t have to be installed in the same venv. I have OZWCP running in a docker and pointed it to the zwave config files in the hass config directory. This way the zwave config is shared between them. Ofcourse you need to shutdown hass before starting OZWCP. After you made your changes you shutdown OZWCP And start hass again

Thanks for the info. I installed outside of the virtualenv. Installation wnet smooth but for some reason OZWCP can’t connect to the z-wave stick even though I am using the same port that works with HA. More fun for tonight I guess.

Did you ever get this working? I wanted to install OZWCP in the venv but couldn’t because I needed to use sudo in order to do that.

Unfortunately no. I have not had time to get any further with this. I’ll let you know if anything changes.

I also installed it outside of the venv. Works fine here.