HA was working fine except for Netatmo, then a simple restart and ...?

Since the update to 0.93.X, I’m having issues with the Netatmo Weatherstation (#24002). When HA loose connection with Netatmo, I usually restart it and it then works fine for a couple of hours.

Tonight, after a simple restart, HA refuse to start successfully. From what I can tell, the UserInterface and the API don’t start at all. I’m unable to connect to the UI and Node-Red is not able to connect to the API.

I tried to start HA more than 10 times tonight. There are no errors in log (except for Netamo errors, which is known).

I also started HA with DEBUG logging, but all components/domains seems to start successfully.

I really don’t know what is happening right now. Any help would be appreciated. My HA is currently at 0.93.2

To add, port 8123 is not listening

pi@hassbian:~ $ sudo netstat -plnt |grep 8123
pi@hassbian:~ $

I’m also waiting for a fix for the current NetAtmo issue :wink:

Related to your new problem; did you try to flash a new SD and then restore latest snapshot?

I’ve had much like the same situation before. A new SD card with restored snapshot did the trick.