HA Watch App not selectable as a complication

I had to re-pair my watch and phone. Before that I had the HASS Watch App as a complication on an Infograph face in the bottom left corner that would let me access my actions.

After the re-paring I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get that back…If I try to configure the complication in the Apple Watch app (on my iPhone) HomeAssistant doesn’t show up as a complication to choose. But in the Complications menu of the Apple Watch App (on my iPhone) HomeAssistant does show up. Note that I don’t have any complications configured in the iOS Companion App under the Apple Watch section but I don’t think that applies here?

Feel like I’m missing something obvious but what am I missing here to get the HASS Watch App to be choosable as a complication on the Infograph face?

This is in the process. For now you can create a complication in App Configuration>Watch for your desired location but you currently can’t have the app logo. Hopefully it will be sorted soon. Essentially the route issue is https://github.com/home-assistant/iOS/issues/525

Look like that bug is closed, but I like @TheFourDees can’t add the HA app complication to any faces other the first one I added it. It’s just not in the list of complications to add from the Watch or the Apple Watch App. Any thoughts or am I confused on what that bug fixed?


same for me - I have Home Assistant installed as a complication and it it shows up in the list of complications within the Watch App, however, after defining a complication in the Home Assistant app on the iPhone (just a simple temperature status display) I cannot choose it from within the Watch App on the iPhone. And yes, I am choosing the right watch face for it …

Anybody any idea what I might be doing wrong, here?


Have you followed the manual sync procedure -> https://companion.home-assistant.io/docs/apple-watch/apple-watch
That makes the complications available on my watch right away.

I have exactly the same problem. I am not able to select te defined complication.
I am on IOS 14.3 and Watch OS7.2.
And yes i have followed the manual sync procedure!

Ay other suggestions?

So I noticed in the description for the latest update of the iOS companion app that there was a “placeholder” complication added for the Watch app. Low and behold if you edit your watch face on the watch the Home Assistant watch app is available as a complication that launches the watch app and shows you your shortcuts. But you have to do this via the watch. It still doesn’t show as available though the Watch app on your phone.

Is there any update for this? I also have “Placeholder” Only