HA Web UI Sonoff Devices/Entities

Newbie using HA web ui to control Sonoff original firmware.
My devices are showing as “devices” or “entities”.

First question, why and what is the difference in HA?

I want to create an automation but the switch i want is listed as “entity” and does not show under “action”?
I tried using the switch ID, but it does not accept that.

Is there a way to have “entities” listed as " devices" ?
Is there another way of using “entities” in automation?

Many thanks for any help


Devices are supposed to represent a complete hardware unit.

Some hardware has multiple functions that it performs - temp, humidity, pressure, motion, lux, switch, etc.

each of those functions will be represented by an entity of that device.


Instead of using “device” action use a “service call” action. then you use the entity_id in the service call.


Many thanks for the info, I will give it a try. Am strongly considering converting everything to Zigbee.

This is such a useful point to add that’s not obviously covered in the HA documentation.

I have some sonoff devices that exist in HA as entities but not as devices. It wasn’t at all obvious how to toggle these devices. Thanks so much for the note about using Service Call and then Switch with the Entity ID

In many scripting situations, I think it’s easier to just use entity IDs since they are ubiquitous.