HA Web wont stay logged in - Fresh Win 11 PC

I have an existing HA install that works well. Multiple clients (Web and Apps) all log in without issue - and stay logged in. I recently rebuilt my main PC to Windows 11 (Fresh Install) and now HA wont stay logged in - regardless of the “Remember me” box being ticked. happens on Both Chrome and Edge. Happens with local URL or my duckdns.org external URL. I can see a new “refresh token” being generated each time I log in - but the moment I close the window, I have to log back in.

Any ideas ?

Check that your clock, date and timezone is correct on your Windows machine.
Check that you can and do store the cookie from your HA URL in your browsers.

Which browser you use? Sounds like cookies clear on browser exit to me. HA on https or not?